Friday, November 13, 2009

9/11 to 11/11 (Lights on for inquiry into taxi industry)

Some good people blame
Faruque Ahmed for sneezing to Tsunami. Right now Faruque Ahmed is blocked by Sydney talk back radio stations. He used to talk about many issues including taxis! Now the airwaves are silent about these issues! Brave White knights of the taxi industry are silent too!! One may ponder why is it so?

Faruque Ahmed was silenced back in 2001. After the 9/11 the neo-cons (Zio-Nazis) took over the airwaves and governments. They silenced any and all debate!! They virtually blackmailed us and pushed us in un-winnable Israel centric wars!!! Many voices of reason were silenced and suffocated too.

Yet, we haven’t prosecuted the neo-cons! We are more interested in silencing
Faruque Ahmed and ignoring brave and investigative works of the Sydney Morning herald.

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