Sunday, November 29, 2009

Anne Turner’s Weapons of Mass Destruction

Anne Turner’s Weapons of Mass Destruction

Tony Denton is a mentally challenged person. Long time ago, virtually the whole world deserted him. Mike Hatrick and Faruque Ahmed were supporting him in many ways for a long time. Recently both of us relised that Tony requires professional assistance and I have decided cut ties with him for safety and security reasons. I have advised Anne about it. However for some strange reason Anne became very close to Tony and found herself in many troubles.

I am not answerable to Tony. However, Anne Turner inspired frivolous and vexatious attacks of Tony do not deserve any attention. Nonetheless I have to add a few points to dispel some of the myths.

Faruque Ahmed’s Letter to ACMA is common sense approach. The ACMA Reply to Faruque Ahmed is a result of due process of law. Faruque Ahmed’s Letter to Radio 2UE a necessary beast! Radio 2UE Response to Faruque Ahmed is frustrating and a reflection of the media culture of Australia. Faruque Ahmed’s Communication with the ACMA will be a test case after the Cash for Comment Inquiry.

David Oldfield, David Oldfield to David Oldfield, Taxi Mafia Inspired Blockade (Radio 2 UE), David Oldfield to Jim Ball and Taxi Mafia Inspired Blockade (Radio 2GB) are self explanatory.

The power of Aussie talkback and Have your say on talkback radio are a good starting point. Deliberately impotent NSW Anti-Discrimination Board allows Muslim and Christian Bashing in NSW. However, saying a word against Zio-Nazi war crimes and genocide are considered to be the cardinal sins here!

Foreign Minister Stephen Smith, Sadistic Reply and Is He Guilty Because Of His Religion? are only few issues I am proudly involved with.

I therefore reject Anne inspired and Tony delivered idiocy. I got better things to do.

Faruque Ahmed

Monday, November 30 2009

From: This sender is DomainKeys verified Add sender to Contacts To:


I have been advised of your posting on the NSW TDA Committee Forum about your comments to the President of the NSW TDA, Anne Turner

You said, ' Tony Denton became a mental...'

You also went on to say, '...He physically attacked you and a few little girls. Tony vandalised a chicken shop and another persons backyard...'

I Tony Denton have not, ' become a (sic) mental...'

I Tony Denton have not and have never physically attacked Anne Turner nor have I attacked any, '..few little girls..' or for that matter any ,'few' big girls nor any other little or big persons of any sort.

There has been no physical 'attacking' by me of any kind

Where is your supporting evidence ?

Or is this another example from the multitude of examples of how you consistently attempt to direct blame onto others, unsuccessfully, all without any foundation of support and without any supporting evidence ?

I remind you and all the world who will be reading this ...of your failure in taking 2GB and Jim Ball to task for racial slanders etc

I remind you of your failure to prove that Brian Wilshire's wife and Jim Ball's wife are somehow from a what you have time and time again said are from, "Jewish' background.

I remind you that you clearly failed to prove that those women, 'are Jews.'

They are not

I remind you of your failure to challenge even one of your many evictions from premises in the Marrickville & Dulwich Hill area

I remind you of your failure to select ethical & moral persons to share your flat with when you were at Marrickville. You attracted that 'jackal' of a person, that 'maloon' as you called him and you are completely responsible for how he ripped you off financially.

I remind you of your many failures to even get your voice heard on many, many talk back radio stations

I remind you of your failure in holding down an ongoing job as a Petroleum Engineer & of your sacking by the Australian manager on the instigation of the visiting American CEO when you were at BP many other so called 'activists', confuse free speech and instead substitute personal attacks in it's place

I remind you of your own comments about 'karma'

You....yourself know you are creating what is awaiting you by your conscious & deliberate wrongful thinking wrongful actions & wrongful comments

Is this situation involving Anne Turner, myself & others a further example of such?

Is this situation a further example of the 'unbalanced chequebook' of wrongful thinking, actions & comments coming from yourself for which yourself know.... you will be held accountable for ?

Held accountable by the Universe


What has your comments to do with NSW TDA business ?

Why are your abusive & personal attacks even on the NSW TDA Committee Forum ?

What are they doing there ?

Who will be next in line for your personal attacks ?

Is this your fundamental style to personally attack each and every NSW TDA Executive member...then each & every NSW TDA member by one?

This is abuse

You are an abuser

You abuse each & every human being you come in contact with

All secretively....all nefariously

The very behaviour you attribute to the 'Taxi Mafia" the 'Zionists' the 'Jewish' in reality your own 'dark side'

You attempt to disown that 'dark side' which is part of you - You have failed

And you will continue to fail

You say from your posting; ' In the meantime I am getting threats like;

A. The DG of T&I will cancel your authority....'

B. 'very powerful and knowledgeable people' i.e. taxi mafia do not like you,..,

c. The mafia will deport you from Australia

D. Someone will bash you up,....'

Who exactly is saying these things to you ?

Where is your support for proving that such things are in fact being said to or about you ?

You attempt to create an atmosphere of chaos around you and of victimisation directed towards you based on unfounded evidence.

All somehow perpetuated by some hidden and ill meaning unidentified group of persons

I can say this

I do not assosciate with abusers

I do not assosciate with secretive women haters and covert woman oppressors

I do not assosciate with serial inflamers

I do not associate with you

Yours sincerely

Tony Denton

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Muslim Taxi Driver is Waiting for Justice

Muslim Taxi Driver is Waiting for Justice

T.D.B. Gate Report (Taxi Driver Bashing Gate Report) 6

So the useless and anti-worker Coates did nothing for you in terms of workers compensation, prosecuting the offender, writing to the Workcover, organise taxi inspection and point out the total failure of network responsibilities, arrogant and anti worker attitude and practices of networks!

By the way, a few more taxi drivers were bashed and most of the incidents camera and safety equipment were at fault!! The network policies and practices were worse too.

Oh yes. Psychologists! Many taxi drivers were bashed and injured. I have not herd many were referred to Psychologists!! Why are they doing this to you? Are they trying to trap you into something? I just asked.

Could you also ask that Geoff about the failure of filling up the Workers Compensation Form by the bailor in question and who is going to pay for your ambulance and other bills?

Mon, 2/2/09, Sunny wrote:
From: Sunny Subject: Re: Re: About Police ReportTo: gjcoates2@bigpond.comReceived: Monday, 2 February, 2009, 8:22 PM


Valdis told me, He will chase up the police and let me inform the progress. I will see him tomorrow then let you know the progress. do you have any suggestion for me?

Yours sincerely,


On Sun, Feb 1, 2009 at 3:56 PM, <> wrote:

Are you yet aware if Police have made charges against alleged attacker? Please advise and give me details of the charges. I may attend hearing.Yours sincerely,Geoff Coates

--- On Tue, 20/1/09, Sunny wrote:
From: Sunny Subject: Re: About Police ReportTo: gjcoates2@bigpond.comReceived: Tuesday, 20 January, 2009, 12:38 AM

Dear Geoff Coates,

Valdis ask me to see with Joe any discussion in relation to Workers Comp.He tried to contact Constable Dick at Chatswood Police on Thursday. He was there but at this stage has not rung him. and he will try again on Friday.Valdis will be away next week and not back at work until 29 January 2009 but He told me to contact with through email if there are any Tuesday I will see with Joe regarding Workers Comp. then I will let you Know the what happen.

Thanks for your help,


---------- Forwarded message ----------From: VALDIS SERMUKSLIS <>Date: Thu, Jan 15, 2009 at 1:28 PMSubject: RE: Indecent at 300 High Street ChatswoodTo: Sunny <>


The psychologist is all part of the process as your mental health is important. If you don't need him I'm O.K. with that.

Constable Dick is not on until 3pm today. I'll try and contact him today.

Workers Comp is an issue with Joey. I have to speak with Clare Moran of Cabsure in relation to your claim. She is not back until Monday.

Will keep you updated via email.


From: Sunny [] Sent: Thursday, 15 January 2009 1:22 PMTo: VALDIS SERMUKSLISSubject: Indecent at 300 High Street Chatswood

Dear valdish,

How are you? this is Sunny. What I want as a human being is Justice. I think I don't need to see with psychologist. I am concern about the Justice. what about the progress of arresting him (Offender) and the workers Compensation?



T.D.B. Gate Report (Taxi Driver Bashing Gate Report) 6
(New information added at the bottom continuously)

--- On Sat, 10/1/09, Sunny wrote:
From: Sunny Subject: Re: About Police ReportTo: gjcoates2@bigpond.comCc: "Ted" , "Annie" , "Faruque" , "Trevor" Received: Saturday, 10 January, 2009, 4:52 AM-----Inline Attachment Follows-----

Dear Geoff Coates,

Did you get the Police Report I sent last week. The Police Report last page says that "It is anticipated that the POI will be arrested after footage has been viewed."

From your meeting with TCS we know that there is footage after the M13 was pressed, but none before. But the Police know who the POI is and where he lives.

Would you please ask TCS to send the footage to the Police, explaining there is none before the M13, and asking the Police to arrest the POI as the Police report says. Or maybe you could write a letter to the police.

I meet with Veldish on Friday 9th January 2009.he has given some advises and asked me a copy of the police report. I am going to see him on Monday again with a police report. What you advise me?

Joe said don't need to talk with him about this matter.advised me to see with Veldish.
TCS did not send the footage to the police station yet. I requested him to send the footage ASAP.

Would you please let me know what should I do at this stage.

Thank you for your help,


T.D.B. Gate Report (Taxi Driver Bashing Gate Report) 5

Further to Unreserved Apology to Taxi Drivers and Immigrants and T.D.B. Gate Report (Taxi Driver Bashing Gate Report) 4, below, you are welcome to follow the event;

1. Time and Date: 7.30 pm, Friday, November 07, 2008

2. The offender: From 300 High Street near Short Street, Chatswood. It is a house and NOT a flat. It was an M1 job i.e. the taxi network must have his name and phone number(s).

3. Confrontation and reason of conflict: The passenger asked the driver to make an illegal u turn. The driver politely refused and said, "I have to move a bit more and make it safely". The passenger was aggressive and he said, "do I have to pay for this"? The passenger also said, "why the meter is $3.50? It should start from zero". The driver replied, "sir, the meter start from $3.15". The rudeness of the passenger went high. He charged the driver, "what the hell you Indians are here, it is my country, why don't you go back to India, ….". The passenger was unstoppable and abusing the driver continuously. The driver replied, "if you don't stop and do not allow me to drive properly, I can't take you to city and I have to drop you to your house. I won't charge you for that". The passenger said, "O.K". The driver dropped him near his house and did not charge any money. The passenger got out of the taxi and spat at the driver. Then he punched the driver a few times. The drive was injured and did not hit back.

4. Taxi Alarm: The driver activated the alarm but the M13 did not work. No one came to assist the driver. The injured driver asked help from his friends by his own mobile phone and they went to assist him

5. NSW Taxi Drivers Association: Taxi drivers contacted the NSW TDA Media Manager Faruque Ahmed and they have provided him information as the unfortunate event progressed on that night. In turn, Faruque alerted the media as information came to his hand.

6. Police: The police arrived at the scene after 50 minutes. The failed to show any interest to apprehend the offender, secure any evidence or crime scene i.e. blood soaked shirt, tie or any other items.

7. Ambulance: The Ambulance arrived 57 minutes later. They went on to wash the drivers face. The injured driver's friends asked them to take photo of the badly injured (visibly) driver. One ambulance worker went back to the ambulance and returned to say, "we don't have any camera". An argument developed. The police were not helpful at all during this episode! Assembled taxi drivers said, "we will go to report this to channel Nine first and then we will drive our friend to the hospital". At that time the injured driver could not see any thing due to his swollen eye. However the police and ambulance staff virtually forced the driver to sign a piece of paper and they left the location for TCN 9.

8. TCN Nine: The 9 security guard was very helpful. The lady at the reception freaked out to see the badly injured driver and she did everything possible to comfort and assist the driver. She organized the media crews to interview drivers.

9. RNS Hospital: The drivers were confronted by three aggressive police officers at the hospital. One was holding a media briefing of Faruque Ahmed and screamed, "who is this Media Manger Faruque Ahmed? Why did he contact the media? Why are you talking to him and media? I am involved with the police union. Our union is the biggest union in this country and you can't win against us." The police visit at the hospital was to intimidate taxi drivers. They left the hospital with anger and without interviewing the injured driver. 10 minutes later two officers came back to hospital to take a statement from the injured driver. Assembled drivers asked a few valid questions to police officers but they refused to answer them.

10. Police Hijacking: During this commotion a taxi driver attempted to record this event in his mobile phone but the barking mad police officer ordered one of other officer to cease the phone from the taxi driver without his permission and checked the phone for possible recording of the conversation.

11. Police bully: The drivers said many good things including, "why are you so angry? The paper you are holding in your hand now got Mr. Faruque Ahmed's phone number. Why don't you ring him and direct your question to him?"

12. Perverting the Course of justice: The police asked the driver to see him seven or eight days later, so that he can take his photograph as evidence! Why not on the spot at the day of assault? Is it a perversion of course of justice?

13. Legal Point: Sunny does NOT have an Operator's accreditation and whatever is written in the so called contract between him and his bailor are not worth the paper it is written on. For details pleas refer Dave Musgrave vs Premier Taxi Network case.

14. Anti-Taxi Driver and Lying TCS: The drivers went to TCS and they were told by the TCS staff, "we have not received any alarm". When drivers asked them to down load the pictures, they were told, "we need police permission". The drivers presented the police business card to the TCS staff and requested them to contact those officers for further assistance. However, at one stage they were told, "there are no pictures, everything is blank". The injured driver questioned a female TCS staff for their failure to contact him during this episode. She replied, "we don't have your up to date phone number". The driver replied with frustration, "six weeks ago the police took my phone number from the TCS network to investigate a stolen card used in my taxi and now you are telling me you don't have my real phone number!"

15. Chatswood Police Station: The injured taxi driver rang Chatswood police station several times to follow up police instructions given to him earlier. Chatswood police knew the incident but they could not provide him any assistance. The driver left his mobile number and requested police officer Dick of that station to contact him. Dick or no one contacted him.

16. Enemy of Taxi Drivers: No one from the TCS contacted the driver. From Jeff’s confession, “98% taxi drivers reject” the so called TCS counseling” because ‘Dracula can’t and should not be in-charge of blood bank’ in the first place.

17. The TCS Cover Ups: From Jeff’s report it is very clear that the taxi camera and sound system was not working at that time and date, the TCS staff did not call the police or ambulance, the radio room failed to broadcast any message to other taxis (contrary to previous TCS lies) and taxi driver’s welfare does not exist in their culture.

18. The NSW TDA Responsibility: As we agreed earlier, we must write to the NSW WorkCover, NSW Police Commissioner, NSW Ministry of Transport, NSW Ambulance, Unions (Labor) NSW and other bodies without any delay.

19. Frustration of the Victim: I have received a frustrated SMS from Sunny and he has every right to express himself due to monumental idiocy of Jeff.

20. Mafia Protection Law: Why, under the law, the taxi networks/companies/taxi council pty ltd are NOT responsible for their actions and inactions in regards to bailee taxi drivers, passengers etc. etc.?

21. Law Reform: Why the NSW TDA Committee was less willing to accept my suggestions i.e. write to the authorities and requesting them to remove any anomalies under the Duty of Care provision of the NSW Occupational Health and Safety Act due to bailor and bailee relationship?

22. The Taxi Mafia Love: According to the aggrieved driver, the TCS asked (or ordered) him to attend their office some time this week.

23. Workers Compensation Claim: No one filled up any Workers Compensation Claim! Why the hell a simple custom of filling up a W.C.C. form does not exist in the taxi industry culture?

24. Confusing “Taxi”: One of the taxi mafia mouthpiece namely Taxi have printed many untrue and confusing information to mislead taxi drives, owners and public. In short the whole episode was designed to defraud authorities, legitimize illegal acts and pass the bucks to bailee drivers.

Faruque Ahmed
Media Manager
Mobile: 041 091 4118

Email: union_faruque@..., Friday, November 28, 2008

Let it be known

Further to
Unreserved Apology to Taxi Divers and Immigrants and T.D.B. Gate Report (Taxi Driver Bashing Gate Report) 4, I have to make it clear that I am going to act against racism, anti-taxi driver mentality and mechanisms.

I said earlier and the famous Media Watch of ABC has proven the case against Channel Seven Network beyond reasonable doubt. Yet, I can not get any reason behind a consistent non-co-operation from some of the TDA executive committee members. Now I have to ask these questions officially;
1. Doses the NSW TDA endorse racism and anti-Taxi Driver activities like the Channel Seven Network story in question and
2. Doses the NSW TDA endorse all of the anti-Taxi Driver policies and instruments evident in
T.D.B. Gate Report (Taxi Driver Bashing Gate Report) 4?
3. Why some of the NSW TDA Executives are reluctant to act for the taxi drivers’ interest?
4. Why some of the NSW TDA Executives are reluctant to stand up against racism and other anti-taxi driver activities?

--- On Fri, 28/11/08, Ted Hirsch wrote:
From: Ted Hirsch Subject: Re: Driver Bashing Chatswood 7-11-08To: gjcoates2@bigpond.comCc: "Faruque" ,
Received: Friday, 28 November, 2008, 2:36 PM


Only three Committee members including you and your mate Trevor could have been present.

Abusive remarks are self evidently not a sacking offence.

Deliberately divisive lies about other Committee members by you and Trevor Bradley may well be.


2008/11/28 <>


At Committee Meeting yesterday, I was of opinion you listened to all Committee Members present, who unanimously criticised you on your remarks regards my report.This obviously not so, you posted again at 11:30 pm last night.As President, you have given me reason to ask the Committee to consider your position on the Committee.

Yours sincerely,

Geoff Coates

Source: Sydney Taxi Corruption

Friday, November 13, 2009

9/11 to 11/11 (Lights on for inquiry into taxi industry)

Some good people blame
Faruque Ahmed for sneezing to Tsunami. Right now Faruque Ahmed is blocked by Sydney talk back radio stations. He used to talk about many issues including taxis! Now the airwaves are silent about these issues! Brave White knights of the taxi industry are silent too!! One may ponder why is it so?

Faruque Ahmed was silenced back in 2001. After the 9/11 the neo-cons (Zio-Nazis) took over the airwaves and governments. They silenced any and all debate!! They virtually blackmailed us and pushed us in un-winnable Israel centric wars!!! Many voices of reason were silenced and suffocated too.

Yet, we haven’t prosecuted the neo-cons! We are more interested in silencing
Faruque Ahmed and ignoring brave and investigative works of the Sydney Morning herald.

Friday, November 6, 2009

The NSW TDA 2009 Election Result

Incorporating Bailee Drivers, Owner Drivers and Lessee Drivers
Inc 9882558 ABN:98 653 928 763
PO Box 322 Alexandria NSW 2015
President: Anne Turner Secretary: Faruque Ahmed
Mob: 0431 585 944 Mob: 0432 665 822

Media Release: The NSW TDA 2009 Election Result

The following members were elected at the AGM of Aug 30th 2009.

President: Anne Turner
Vice President: Eddy Diab
Secretary: Faruque Ahmed
Treasurer: Trevor Bradley
Media Manager: Van Conterno
Website Manager: Bhargav Brahmbhatt (Bargo)
Membership Manager: Owusu (Junior) Debrah
Bailee Representative a): Ted Hirsch
Bailee Representative b): Mohamad Youssef
Lessee Representative: Ray Prasad
Plate Owner Representative: Eddy Diab
Minutes Secretary: Trevor Bradley

Van Conterno
Media Manager
Mobile: 0417 455 606

Date: Saturday, September 05, 2009