Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Short History and Warning to Greedy People

A Short History and Warning to Greedy People

The NSW Transport Workers Union sold out Taxi drivers back in 1984. Taxi drivers voted with their feet.

During 90s, the TWU leadership promised to do the right thing and accepted their mistakes of 80s. They also told us to advise them to do the right thing. We joined and worked hard. We did the research and taxi driver membership went up. Unfortunately we found out the TWU leaderships were stabbing our back. Fight continued from inside and outside TWU. The Taxi Drivers Association (TISA) was formed and agitation continued. Evidence of such agitations could be traced in the media of that time and other instrumentalities.

Later the TISA merged with the NSW Cabbie Welfare Association (CWA) and continued the fight. 18 months ago, the CWA merged with the NSW Taxi Drivers Association for the greater good of the taxi drivers and single cab owners. Therefore; the TDA is not any ones private property and no one is superior or inferior amongst us.

Apart from the congenital corrupt nature of the NSW TWU, the winnings and losses of ours are combined.

Today, we are facing some unwanted difficulties. The TDA is not working for our members' welfare. Some individuals think and present themselves as more valuable than others! Some peoples are bringing cunning and dishonest technicalities to stifle free and fair debates.

The good work of Alan Cook (Cook Reports) went down the drain under the guise of "taxi driver task force". Poor Alan lost plenty for being honest and trying to clean up the taxi industry for the benefit of the entire community. The Nexus plate rots and many other criminal scams are up and in full swing. Taxi drivers' safety and many more vital issues are not getting the priority.

To complicate our life, the Mac Bank/Lime is doing very nicely. Even the Cabbie Magazine's Peer Lindhodlt is hoodwinking us. Many drivers and owners do not wish to touch his magazine anymore. David Bradley and Michael Jools are not helping the issue either.

The challenge is in front of us. The issues are;
1. The combined interest of bailee drivers and single cab owners or
2. Private interest of a few individuals!

Should you wish to make a change then please join the TDA, get informed and involved – protect your rights through democratic means and process available to you and me!

The NSW TDA ought to be open, transparent and accountable. We can not afford dirty tricks and deceptive conducts.

Good luck.

Faruque Ahmed
Veteran Taxi Industry Activist

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