Friday, July 16, 2010

ZilZal to Hezbollah

ZilZal to Hezbollah

Further to Are We Able to Discuss The Power of Iranian Zilzal Freely? below no one can deny the decent and honorable resistance of the Lebanese defenders under the leadership of Hezbollah. Considering the progressive and proletariat path of Hezbollah, no one should call them “terrorist” group.

Please also be mindful about US & British Intel Agencies Are Working On A Fake Video To Lead To War With Iran.

Sa'ar 5 Surprise!¦ When the Resistance Shocked the Enemy

15/07/2010 10:29:31 PM GMT

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Four years have passed on the July 2006 war but its repercussions and aftermaths continue to be witnessed¦

Everyone in Lebanon remembers well the war in which the Resistance imposed itself a strong power, in which the Resistance told the whole world that the undefeatable army wasn't anymore a truth, in which the Resistance made it clear for Israel that attacking Lebanon wasn't anymore a "picnic."

Everyone in Lebanon remembers well the war in its 33 days full of steadfastness, heroism, courage, bravery and audacity.

Everyone in Lebanon remembers the Resistance's "surprises" even if some "surprises" are still "hidden" awaiting another war, in which Lebanese believe the Zionist entity will simply become something of the past.

Everyone remembers the third day's surprise, the surprise announced by Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah, making every Lebanese proud and every Israeli shocked and therefore scared.

"Now at sea, the Israeli battleship that attacked our infrastructure and people's homes and civilians, watch it burn and sink, to drown with it dozens of Zionist soldiers. This is only the beginning and we will meet at the end of this battle to talk at length," Sayyed Nasrallah said on July 14, 2006, surprising everyone, friend and foe alike.

His eminence was pointing to the shelling of the Israeli occupation warship "Sa'ar 5" facing the Lebanese capital coast by the Islamic resistance fighters. Engulfed in flames, it sank with the officers and soldiers on board. The Zionist enemy denied the ship was hit at first, but aired footage of the ship engulfed in flames forced the enemy to admit its hit and claimed that only four soldiers were killed on the ship.

An investigation into the incident by the Israeli Navy concluded that the missile was indeed a C-802 which hit a crane in the rear of the ship, that the ship's radar was not fully functional at the time, that both the ECM and the anti-missile systems were in a two-minute stand-by mode and that the ship's captain was not aware of that fact.

According to an official close to the investigation, the catastrophe could have been more dangerous, given that around 120 soldiers were on board of the ship carrying anti-missile systems. "The navy chief believes that the picture wasn't clear and that the ship didn't take necessary precautions, perhaps because they didn't imagine that Hezbollah might possess such weapons," Roni Daniel, an Israeli military expert said.

"Some people must learn well the lessons but all discussions won't return my son alive," the father of one of the soldiers killed during the shelling said, pointing to the level of shock and surprise within the Israeli ranks.

Source: Al Manar

Are We Able to Discuss The Power of Iranian Zilzal Freely?

For more: Crimes Exposed

Are We Able to Discuss The Power of Iranian Zilzal Freely? I suspect, the liquid bombing plot of London was a very convenient way to divert attention from the zionised American Terrorism in Lebanon and Gaza! I say this because of the followings:

1. United Zionist States of America gave Israel green light, political and moral cover to attack Lebanon,

2. UZSA gave Israel F 18 bombers, Apache Helicopters, tanks, missiles, bombs and bullets including the ave gas and diesel to deliver those deadly arsenals to unarmed women and children of Lebanon, as they do not have any air force, navy or army to defend themselves! Surprisingly, when Lebanese women and children died of those deadly and cowardly gifts of the USZA through Israel, the cruel administration and their supporters went for ‘tomato’ and ‘barbecue’ sauce!!

3. UZSA gave Israel the useless and very expensive “Patriot Missile” for their protection.

4. Mighty Israel maintained the tradition! Israel used F 18 bombers, Apache Helicopters, tanks, missiles, bombs and bullets against kindergarten kids and frail old women of nursing homes!

5. Hezbullah’s low grade “Katusha” was not good enough to defeat useless and expensive “Patriot” (what about the so called star war system?).

6. People of Lebanon were murdered by the Israeli terrorists and the rest of the world did nothing to save them. Bush was even suggesting Israel to attack Syria and Iran.

7. Thanks to Iranian Zilzal Rocket! Because the Zilzal is capable to hit any part of Israel from any part of Lebanon!! One such attack executed 16 Israeli cowards in one hit.

8. Israeli terrorists went inside Lebanon! From Last week onwards, mighty people of Lebanon managed to execute more than 54 Israeli terrorists in the South Lebanon. Most of us did not see any of those stories and UZSA and Israel got worried. The net result is so called ‘cease fire’ and ‘Liquid Bombing’ of London. Watch this space for more!

In short, humanity, justice and fairness failed to protect the people of Lebanon. However the Iranian
Zilzal Missile saved them!

Sydney Indy Media and Yahoo Q and A