Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Taxi Plate

Faruque Ahmed

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Ms. Jacqualine Myint

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Re: Taxi Plate

Dear Ms. Myint,

The following blogs can provide a pretty good picture of the NSW taxi industry.

Please also note, The NSW TDA does NOT represent PLATE OWNERS! They are supposed to represent bailee taxi drivers!!

Yet, for some strange reason, some of the remaining NSW TDA leadership is committed to stopping the further issuing of new taxi plates. Furthermore, they are not interested in addressing any of the many other burning issues affecting bailee taxi drivers!

May the president please inform the committee and a few open and secret meetings between Anne Turner and the taxi industry mandarins may be instrumental for this strange direction.

It is reported in the Sydney Morning Herald that the taxi mafia managed to silence and sabotage 20 inquiries and outcome of those inquiries! It is also evident that the taxi mafia is influencing the NSW TDA too!

“ … My Letter to Brian Langton generated Secrecy of NSW Ministry of Transport! I have collected many more other pieces of evidence, such as those mentioned above! It appears that there is much organised chaos! The department is acting against the wishes and interests of the state, public and workers. However, the department appears to be serving the interests of the taxi mafia very well.

Recommendation1. Politicians and public servants must uphold the state and public interest first and their decisions and decision making process should be democratic and fact based.”

Source: Written Submission


A Critical Observation re NSW Upper House Inquiry

Beyond A Critical Observation re NSW Upper House Inquiry

Humorous Submission with Reality

Written Submission

In Person Presentation

Supplementary Submission of Faruque Ahmed to the NSW Upper House Inquiry

Reply to Ms. Lee Rhiannon MLC

The Outcome of the NSW Upper House Inquiry

Source: Faruque Ahmed’s Submission to the NSW Upper House Inquiry re Taxi Industry

For further assistance:

NSW TDA is Under the Thumbs of Oppressive Power Drunk Clique. The NSW TDA does NOT represent PLATE OWNERS!

May the president please inform the committee and Why Sex? are good enough to demonstrate the ugly, corrupt, vindictive and ruthless nature of this clique.

Further to Mission Statement of the NSW TDA, My Response to the NSW TDA Committee, NSW TDA Committee Member and since the Election Result of 209, the power drunk `clique' virtually did nothing to advance bailee taxi drivers interest and welfare.

I made my position clear in Anne Turner – Do Not Destroy the NSW TDA, Anne Turner's Weapons of Mass Destruction, Answering Tony, Confidential NSW TDA Issues, NW TDA Committee Member, and Reg Kermode Thugs Went on to Kidnap and Rob Faruque Ahmed.

With thanks.

Sincerely yours

Faruque Ahmed


Sydney Taxi Corruption

Mobile: 041 091 4118

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Email: union_faruque@yahoo.com.au

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